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Made My Dad's Day !!!

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My dad has had a fascination over the "Original Henry" rifle for a long time , when Henry came out with the Golden Boy he picked up the product catalog somewhere and at family get together's he would show it to anyone who would listen to him.
He didn't hunt or shoot that much when us kids were growing up and I snagged his 81DL and took alot of squirrels and ***** with it before buying a cheap beater of a rifle to do the **** hunting with then switched to pistols but still have it and use it once in awhile to get some supper with.
Last week at my uncle's funeral he showed me a card with a quote on it that a cousin of moms gave him for a Golden Boy 22 lr. I asked him if he was going to get it and he said probably not , I told him to wait couple weeks that I had applied for my FFL and it is in the process yet. He said not to worry about it cause he didn't think he would get one anyways. ( They moved off the acreage into town last summer) Anyway on my way home I stopped at Scheels and was looking thru the used rifle cause they had a 1982 yom 39A last time but was over priced at $499.99 and a 1995 39AS with scope priced at $699.99 . Walked over and was looking at the Henry's cause been thinking on a Frontier 22 Mag for me, there was a Golden Boy marked $15 less the quote he had gotten and $30 below any of the other ones they had on the rack. As a guy what was the deal ,was it used or banged up. He looked it up and it had only been there a since first of March and the others had come in recently. I asked him if he could set it back and I would pick it up when came back thru on Saturday. Said that there were plenty in stock , so asked him if he would sell me any those if this one sold at the lower price. NO! "So ask someone higher up to set this one back! " He did and they did,, wanted to use my Scheels card to rack up points ;D. On way home called Gander Mnt, Theisens Farm n Home and their prices were the same or 50 bucks higher, check GB and by time I would have bought one had it shipped and paid transfer fees would of been way more.. So on way back Saturday to a Cancer Benefit I picked it up ,folks were gone when we got to their house so I hid it under the bed ( seemed like old times, hiding guns under my bed) Sunday morning after Mom made us breakfast and gals helped her clean up and dad was sitting on sun porch I went and got it and handed it to him. When he opened it up and seen it all he could say was "OH MY, OH MY GOODNESS !!" Mom said "I told you he was going to do that!" I had called when seen it there and asked to make sure it was the 22 lr he priced . And she told him to call me back and tell me not to do it. He said to " OH he wouldn't do that!" So anyway here's a couple pictures of my Dad and I with his Henry Golden Boy .
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The smile on your dad's face = PRICELESS!! Thanks for sharing that!!
That is a great story! My dad past away about two and half years ago and I miss him as much or more today than I did when he past... It is great that you have the chance to share that time with your dad!
Way to go MC - you will be smiling about that for the rest of your life.

It does not get better than that!

Excellent! A memorable moment.

The only thing that can top that, is spending some time with him shooting it.

Good on you! I've gifted several guns through the years, and they are among the most memorable occasions.
Great story, thanks for sharing it!
I think this is great. I agree with Roe, spend some time with him shooting it. You will not regret it.
Yes indeed, send us photos of him shooting it. Good story, tell him we're all tickled for both of y'all. Way to go.
Outstanding and thanks for sharing the pictures too! That looks like one proud & happy pappy.
That'll get ya two thumbs atta boy and a gold star!! ;D Nice job!! Mr fixit
That's what life's about. :)

Sometimes it truly is better to give than to receive! GREAT job!
Your a good kid MuleCrazy! Make sure to get dad out shooting his new toy now.
I live 130 miles away and try to get back at least once a month.. There is a Ikes in town and been trying to get a contact person to see if he can go out there and shoot it or if it is just clay bird range.

Looking for a cheap single action revolver to go along with the Henry ,, need to look at a Heritage again.. Have a Old Model Single Six as new in box sitting in the safe but the S.P. laid claims to that..

Thanks for all the complements...
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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