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I was all ready to brag up this little stinker...took pics of the target with the gun and THEN...the forward bolt drops out of the stock!

Man...I hate it when stuff like that happens. I looked it all over and it appears:

1) the bolt is a tad too short.

2) the bolt may have been over-torqued at the factory (I've never put a screw driver to the gun)...looks like the threading in the receiver may be stripped out a bit.

The problem could most likely be solved with a bit longer bolt/screw. Currently, with the stock removed, the screw/bolt can be threaded into the hole in the receiver, it's just not gaining purchase where the first few threads meet the screw/ grabs deeper in the hole...but of course the screw/bolt is not long enough to gain solid (any) purchase when the stock is in place.

I guess I could "cut" into the stock so the screw/bolt head is recessed into the bottom of the forearm...that would work (I think)...but heck, it's a brand new Wally-World Stainless M-60...why would I need to do this to make the stock stay in place??

Anyone else have a problem like this? I'm all ears as to any reasonable suggestion. I'd really rather not ship this $100.00 rimfire back to Marlin. It's not really worth it to me to "invest" in the gun (even though it shoots good).

Thank you!!!


The "hole"

The hole in the stock:

The screw/bolt in the hole in the receiver

See the metal in the threads?

The screw/bolt:

The nice target! I like what the rifle can do with a cheap Tasco scope!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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