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Lube Sources or your custom lube

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If you have a source for lube or have a special lube youd like to share post it up here. Ill put the links for sources at the top for easy viewing.

Dragon Bullet Lube
Jakes Products
Voodoo Lube
White Label Lube

Felix Home Brew
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I like the Lee Liquid Alox sometimes and also like to make the home brewed Felix Lube.,19526.0.html
On an annual basis I use quite a bit of liquid Alox. I use White Label Lube Co. to provide the lube. He offers many types of lubes in bulk.
I have used a lot of the NRA 50/50 (Beeswax/Alox 2138F) over the years with very good success. ;D
Javelina is that lube.

Anogther that I have recently been testing with equally good results is SPEED GREEN for smokeless and NASA for black powder. ;D

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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