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Looks like brothers 30A is a shooter.It shoots better than it looks.

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Mike(Headhunter3006) shot his 30A that he bought a month or so ago today. The stock and blueing were in a bad state. He blued it and ended up painting and playing around with the stock. Hes going to put a walnut stack on it when he can.Guess he wanted one that he knew was his. Like me and CrAzY hORsE. She sure shoots good though, with win 150gr power points at 50 yds. Put a clean target up at the last and shot these two.If hes lucky itll kill about half the deer Crazy Horse has! ;D ;D Well done Big Brother,You can still shoot good with open sights and 54 year old eyes. Gunrunner,,
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Oh my! It runs it the family!!

Looks good. nice shootin.
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Nice lookin rifle and damn fine shootin!!Congrats to your Big Brother may he get many years of enjoyment out of her!!!
What ya trying to say Gater,?? Im alot better looking than Mike. Think He belongs to the Milk Man ;D ;D Oh yea! ;D But we know which ones ourn ;D Gunrunner,,


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gunrunner ...

What did he name his rifle?

Ol Ranger ;D Its got a Texas Ranger star in the stock ;D I told him to use small brass tacks and call it Cochise ;) But he dont listen to me because Im younger. Says its a birthright ;D
I like them both. No grabing the wrong gun by mistake. 8)
Thats the truth Gater,easy to describe too ;D He still wants a walnut stock and forend. But he got layed off from work a few weeks ago.I had done ordered the deleate saddle ring for it,So I paid that.He worked in the body shop for Swift Transport,Youd think with 3000 trucks,and training new drivers theyd be needing everbody.loosein a 20 dollar a hour and great benefits job, has got to hurt. But maybe they will call him back soon.If not, I may buy him one.Hes a pretty good brother,we aint killed each other yet ;) Even though he was the first to break my nose ;D Gunrunner,,
My brother has an old 30A Glenfield from the 1950/60s, it sports a brass tack cross on its stock. I think the reason they are such good shooters is the front sight post is a small brass bead rather than the newer style sights on the 336s made in the 80s and up.
They are both unique rifles, for sure. Kinda like their owners, I'm thinkin'. ;D My Glenfield 30A is also very accurate, was bought to have rebored to 38-55 but to accurate to change. :-\ Family takes care of family, only way to fly. DP
Now he's got no excuses for missin anything does he? Good shooting. Good to see brothers stick together. Reminds me of me and my brothers. We'd have more than a few brawls in the barn doing chores (pretty much every week) and we went home with some bloody noses pretty regular, but when you needed somebody to watch your back, there they were.
Very nice shootin' indeed. It looks like it runs in the family. There must be something in the water in South Carolina. I can understand how you feel about your brother. My brother and I hadn't spoken for a lot of years, but I recently made contact with him again and it's like we never lost touch. In fact, as soon as we're settled in our new house, we're going to jump in our truck and visit him and his wife that we've never met in South Florida. It should be one heck of a reunion. I'm liable to hug him so hard I'll crack a rib or two. ;D

And, I'll be seeing my nephews who I haven't seen since they were just children. Now, they're 20 and 22 years old, young men already. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to this trip.
Sure they will get a kick out of seeing you too Brian,Wes, its the same here anybody kills him its going to be me. Weve had some good ones but a couple weeks later its dropped. Mike can shoot better than me most days. But its close ;D Think he loves hunting more than me,Ill skip a few days for girlfriends and such,Mike will tell ya right now how many days till season starts ;D Hes a cut up too,That does run in the family ;D Yall take care Randy,,
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