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Hi all,
I'm new to this forum because I just acquired a Marlin rifle from my grandfather. I know nothing about this gun and was hoping some of the experts here could give me a quick blurb about it. I do plan on reading through the forums in detail but that will take a while so any info is appreciated.

This is what is stamped on the gun:

The Marlin firearms co New Haven Conn
Est 1870 micro groove barrel mod. 336-44 magnum

It also has a saddle ring on the left side


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Its a 1965 saddle ring Texan. The fluted Walnut stock and forend are probably Billy-Club hard by now...Excellent gun ;D

If you run into any accuracy problems with ultra fast stuff it could be the number of twist in the barrel. I don't think you should have a problem.

Excellent 125 yard gun. I probably would not scope it because of what it is and the distance limits, but thats your call.

I think that model rates high on the lever cool factor. 8)
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