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Hi all, I am thinking about making the GPS plunge for hunting and hiking. I have always relied on Topo's and a compass, so I don't have much experience with a GPS. Was out hiking with a friend last year who had a Garmin Rino and he marked a few way points during the hike for future hunting consideration and I thought that was pretty slick and the radio part.
I am looking at the Garmin Rino 655T, a recent newer model, still the same basic features, the thing I like about the rino series is that you can do a "poll" and then every one with a gramin rino gps shows up on your map. That is pretty cool to keep track of your friends and those you don't know. Plus the radio feature is good, however I am not sure of how well that works? Does anyone know or have any experience? This unit is suppose to let you text someone vice using the radio, good for hunting.
Mostly I am looking it for the GPS capability and the Radio feature, anyone have any pros or cons they share?
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