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Long Range Rimfire Silhouette, March Match

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While not an NRA Cowboy Lever Action match it is a fun match to "compete" in with the my Cowboy levergun. Here's the format

Long Range Rimfire Match

# Purpose: A fun match shooting steel silhouette targets from 50-200 meters.

# Equipment: These matches are open to any type of rifle firing a .22 long rifle rimfire cartridge. Iron sights or scoped.

# Course of Fire: 10 chickens @ 50 meters (These are the same targets used for the 100 yard match)
# 10 pigs @ 100 meters
# 10 turkeys @ 150 meters
# 10 rams @ 200 meters

# The shooter will have 10 minutes for as many shots as the sighting target (a metal swinger) as needed and the 10 shots for record.
# Targets will be shot in order from left to right.
# Positions: Chickens will be shot from off-hand position.
# Pig, Turkey and Ram targets may be shot from any position other than bench rest. This includes off-hand, prone using a sling or rest, or sitting using a sling or rest. (Most guys used bipods and shot prone)

I showed up with my Marlin 1897 Cowboy and Okanogan Shooting Sticks.. I was the only one shooting with iron sights.

I started on the 100 yard Boars and after four sighters I went for score. I managed four of the first five and only one of the next... :-\ REALLY should have taken more time, I think I still had five minutes left... 3 clicks down from the top on the elevator ramp gives me a right on the belly hold. That 1/16" bead will cover the animal and getting the right amount of critter on top of it was key. No real margin for error. The sticks worked GREAT, my eyes weren't accustomed to straining that many shots in a row and fatigue is a factor. Lesson learned.

On the Turkeys I knew my top notch would reach 150 yards but this was 150 meters. My hold required the top of the bead to be even with the head on the bird. With the bead obscuring the body I struggled with windage. After going 2 for three on the swinger I only hit one out of ten on the targets that counted... ::) I did do better on my pace but still had a couple of minutes left.

The Rams were an adventure. I knew there is about 3' of drop between 150 and 200 yards and finding the hold over for 200 meters was going to be challenging. The hold that worked the best was pushing the bead up and over the rear sight notch and then holding just above the back of the ram. I took ten shots on the sight-in swinger and only hit it twice. Concerned about time I shot the next ten for score, still uncertain of my hold. I went one for five on the first array and then toppled two more on the next. Most of my misses were low, but they were in line ;)

The fifty yard chickens were MUCH easier. Even though they are 10 meters farther out than usual I had a sight setting for them and I knew my rifle would have the advantage since these targets needed to be shot offhand. Confirmed with two solid hits on the swinger and then managed to tie for the best score on the chickens. ;D Really should have stepped back after five and paused for a moment. The eight, ninth and tenth chickens were looking mighty fuzzy.

Overall my score was the lowest of the nine shooters but it was pure good time. Good group of guys. Top scores were Jack (31, Anshutz), Steve (30 with an old Stevens single shot with a long old scope, major style points) and Elgin (29 CZ 452 American). There were a couple of other Anschutz' shooters, a nice old Remington bolt, a Ruger bolt and an AR with a 22lr upper which did very well on the close targets but stumbled on the turkeys really struggled on the rams.

VERY fun match!

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Wet Dog,
Thank you for the range report and nice pics. NEAT! FUN! ;D I am assuming those are the 1/2 size NRA Cowboy SIlhouette Smallbore targets(?). Unfortunately no matches like that around here but I have put the 1/2 size pigs @ 100 and the 1/2 size rams @200 and managed to hit a few ;D

The most shoot at target at 200M with my .22's is the 200 meter High Power Rifle Silhouette chicken. I need to set them with a bit of foot overhang on the back of the pad so they will cooperate when hit. Fun, Fun, fun! ;D

30 WCF, you are correct about the target size.

I really like the format. It is really nice to be able to sight-in and then shoot for score. The time limit is generous enough to get it done though factors like fatigue and reloads play into it. It is really fun getting to use the sticks in competition too. Having the offhand stage also helps even the playing field against the guys using the mega glass. 200 yards seems to equalize a lot of rifles too as wind factors in.

I was pleased with my chicken (offhand) and Ram scores though I felt like I really should have had two more of each minimum. I was disappointed with the pigs - next time ;) I'll pace better and expect improvement. With the sticks there really isn't much of an excuse not to knock over at least 8. The turkeys :-\ ... I had em surrounded. I put on a tang sight and did a little testing yesterday. It looks like I'll have plenty of sight for them next time. LOTS of room for improvement on those.
I've mentioned this to our match director.Hoping we could try this.
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