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Loading .357 lead for rifles

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I’m considering picking up a .357 Marlin 1895 lever gun.

I load MBC 158 gr LSWC over 5.0 grains of HP38 for all my .357 wheelguns. When researching loading data, I was surprised that Hogdon’s lists maximum 231/HP38 powder at 5.0 for handguns, but cuts their max load to 4.5 grains for rifles. Loads remain the same for pistol/rifle when using jacketed 158 grain bullets.

Is there a reason to download lead for rifles? The whole point to matching calibers between guns is to facilitate the use of the same ammo.
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The Speer #11 manual lists a max of 5.4 gr W231, CCI 500 primer, 158 gr SWC. I've shot several thousand rounds of this load in my revolver. Speer shows the same max 6.0 gr of Unique with a 6" revolver at 1034 fps and a 20" Marlin at 1294 fps. They suggest the lead bullet loads for small game and turkey.
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