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Lipstick on a pig

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I had purchased this Marlin 336 in 35 Remington last year because it was cheap and my 1894, 44mag, was too pretty to take shooting. Took it shooting and really liked the gun. While cleaning the gun I found all kinds of dirt and grass shoved in it from previous hunting trips. This is a 1968 gun and I would bet it supplied a lot of meat in the past.

I decided to refinish the gun and get rid of the rust. I started by refinishing the stocks, which turned out to be a beautiful maple. I was going to reblue the iron works but thought that may not show off the stocks. A friend of mine is restoring a Porsche and he told me his plating house could nickle plate the gun. So off it went. Here is the before and after shots.


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Well now, that is just gorgeous. How did the receiver side work out? Are you gunna use that thing or park it over a mantel? Sure is pretty.
Very nice! I really like that.

I'm curious, in rough numbers, what did it cost you to nickel plate the metalwork? Was black nickel an option where you took it? Did you do the prep work for the metal work?
Lucky you got a 35 beater to save your 44.... LOL...

Purty bangstick..... Ya know, I never thought of a 200gr .35Rem as a pig, but I guess it fits ::)
That is just too pretty for words.!
.............that is WAY to nice to use...thats not a rifle...its a "show piece"!!!! Beautiful!!!!
Well, now ya got to get another to use, cause that one is to pretty to drag out hunting. 8) Boy, the length some guys will go to just to get another Marlin. ::) ;D DP
Very nice...definitely too nice to bang around anymore.
Wow! I'm also curious as to what you paid for the nickel plating and I'd also like a few details on what you did to refinish the stocks. That looks great.
Absolutely gorgeous!! The best part is that now you have two rifles that are too pretty to take hunting so you have an excuse to buy a third.
So, the 1894 was too nice to hunt with and, got the 35.

Then you made the 35 into something too nice to hunt with...

What's next?
Gee the 44mag. must look a treat if the 35 is your "rough" gun!
How about a pic of the 44 too?
Very nice!!
WOW! I'd be curious to hear more about the plating too. And more pictures, lets see the other side. Looks like you could use it to blind the deer first so he don't see you then shoot 'em. :D I'd like to take that to my rifle range, guys would go nuts over it. Very nice!
That shure is a purtty pig ;D ;D ;D
Sweet looking rifle!!! You should be on the next episode of "pimp my shootin' iron"!
It's awesome but I assure you I would be using and shooting and enjoying it as often as I could..
That sure is a pretty Marlin. I would take that 35 hunting anytime. You could blind the deer with the reflection off of the barrel while you set up for the perfect shot! Genius! :eek: :eek: ;D ;D
1 - 20 of 47 Posts
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