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Lightweight Bullet

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Gents: Has anyone used a Lyman mould #37583 for 38-55? It's supposed to cast a 149gr. bullet. Is it accurate beyond 50-100 yards? Thanks!

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Hey there bullaboy -- Welcome to Marlin Owners. Congratulations on your new (old) rifle. I have no experience with this bullet. If you haven't already bought the mold, you might consider running a few bullets in the 250 grain range through your rifle and see how they play. You may find joy there!! I always seem to be trying to stretch things further and the heavier and longer bullets seem to work better in this regard. If you do go down the #37583 road, let us know how it works. That mold is available over on the SASS wire classifieds as we speak. Best regards. Wind
I just tried 205gn bullet out of (3) 38-55's none were better than 3" at 25 yards with 10gn of unique. I would take Wind's advice longer and heavier seems better in all my guns.
Wind: You're definately right. A heavier bullet is what the 38-55 was designed for. I was just curious if anyone had any experience with this lightweight 149gr, since I have a chance to pick up a mould.
BTW, Wind, it was reading the posts about your shooting very long distance with this calibre that got my juices flowing to get another '93 in this calibre. I wish I was closer to you. I'd love to try shooting over 300 yds., which is all I have available locally.

Regards & Respect,

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Hey again bullaboy -- Around here we call that "enabling"!! Thanks for the kind words. Wet Dog has been regaling me with stories of his 110 grain "soup can" bullet he uses in his 30-30. If you have an opportunity to take a run in a different direction, do it!! Get us pictures and range reports. We'll bring the pork rinds and beer. Best regards. Wind
bullaboy said:
Gents: Has anyone used a Lyman mould #37583 for 38-55? It's supposed to cast a 149gr. bullet. Is it accurate beyond 50-100 yards? Thanks!

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That particular bullet is designed for a .36 cal cap and ball revolver. I would not have great expectations for it in a rifle that normally needs a bullet of at least .379 diameter.

Try it and see how it shoots.
Hey there FredT -- Quick sit down and put your head between your knees and snarfle down a couple of Twinkies -- Hurry!! I think either your blood sugar is low or you're having a Senior Momment!! Here is where I was getting my information. Hope this helps and wishing Fred a speedy recovery. Man-o-man, that was a close call. Best regards. Wind
Well I am over 50 and I am a type II diabetic...

I never saw that loading page.

This is the one I have.

Sorry to have raised the blood preasure.

After doing more research I do see that the said projectile is in my Lyman #39 and #41 manuals for the .38-55.

Ya know I do like Twinkies.

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Hey there FredT -- That's what makes this such a fun journey!! The wealth of information at our disposal thanks to computers. Those bullets remind me a lot of some "Pickett Bullets" I had for my 1861 Remington Navy (transition) revolver. And all I can say is a picture of a picture must be worth 2,000 words??!! Best regards. Wind

The lightest I've gone is the 235 gr. Ranch Dog bullet. Never targeted it beyond 100 yds. and the only animal I have killed with it was a coyote during the deer season this past December. I carried the 38-55 every day I hunted hoping to get a crack with the 235 bullet. Now with advanced age and several other rifles that need to be carried into the woods my 38-55 may not get another call to action. Attached are a few 50 yd. groups with RD's bullet.

That should put a large grin on your face. ;D ;D
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