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Leverevolution powder & 35R

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I bought a NIB 336XLR-35R and I have H4895 & HDY.200gr. FTX bullets on hand but it Max. is 36.2 gr. @ 2000fps.
I would like to get higher velocity using this bullet, 200gr. FTX of course with accuracy too.

The HDY. data below was tested with a 336 SC, 20" barrel Twist 1 in 16".
I'm going with the HDY. data

The Hodgdon tested with "?"

HDY. data
H 4895 [36.2gr. 2000 fps. HDY. Max. load.
LVR. [42.7 gr. 2100 fps. HDY. Max. load.

Hodgdon data
H4895 [36.0C* 1959 fps.
LVR. [41.4C* 2116 fps.

*compress load

Has anyone have a opinion or in fact used these powders with the 200gr. FTX. or other powders. It would be highly appreciated.

I also am looking at the Speer 180gr. FN. LVR. 45.0C* @ 2302 fps.

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This came from Johan. Back off just a bit on the FTX as it is a longer bullet. I worked up to 41.0 gr AA2520 for a velocity of 2235 fps.

Caliber: .35 Remington
Barrel length: 20” For shorter 15” barrels reduce velocity below by ca -6% = ca 100Fps
Powder: Accurate – 2520®.

Bullet weight: 180 grains.
Start load: 41.0 grains (2150 – 2250 ft/p/sec)
Maximum load: 44.0 grains (2400 – 2500 Ft/p/sec).

Bullet weight: 200 grains.
Start load: 37.8 grains (1850 – 1950 ft/p/sec)
Maximum load: 42.0 grains (2250 – 2350 Ft/p/sec).LD ca 102%.

Start at his low load and work up. You shouldn't have a problem getting to 40 - 41 gr. I got over 2200 fps and quit at 41.0 gr. The load is extremely accurate out of my 336SC, shoots 1 hole groups at 50 yards, and almost always less than 1" for 3 shots at 100 yards.
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Thank you for your reply. I do have AA2520 on hand just was saving it for my 338MX. But it is great to know it will work well in both. Save on stocking different powders. As I mention my rifle is a XLR so 24" barrel and the Rem. 760 I think is a 22" barrel both share the same twist 1 in 16". It would be wonderful if the two like the same load, one cartridge go to rifle and back up.

Thanks again. Your suggestion has given me a project to do and I have all the stuff.

I've shot that load out of my 336A with the 24" barrel. It's almost 2300 out of the longer barrel. I just don't take the 336A hunting.
I've gone as high as 41.5gr of H4895 for 2,300+fps from my 336A in .35rem. This was with the Remington 200gr CorLokt.

I usually just load 40.0gr as this gets 2275fps and is less compressed.

With the 200gr FTX, 40.0gr is as much as I can get in the case and seat the bullet normally. It too gets 2270fps.
I killed a decent 6pt behind my house on Dec. 31, 2009.

I wasn't especially impressed with the performance of the 200gr FTX. When the box I have is gone, it is the last I'll use in the .35.

I had a Rem 760 in .35Rem. It was even more accurate than the Marlin, and loved H322 in copius amounts. Much too hot for a Marlin or T/C Contender. I killed several deer with it, and had decent luck with the 200gr Hornady Pt.Spt. I was able to get 2,400fps from the Remington.
So, what ever load will work in the Marlin will work from the Remington.
Only thing I didn't like about the Rem was the rattling forend....and the long reach to hold/cycle it.
If you go to 40 gr of H4895 with the 200 gr FTX you are going to get some pretty serious compression, same with the 220 gr Speer. That's why I like the AA2520. I've gone to 40 gr in the Remington 760, but it was much harder to load, and I didn't get the velocity that I did with AA2520. Check with 35remington, he's used both powders for +P loads.

I really don't think you can get enough H4895 powder into the case with that long bullet to actually cause you problems. But I do think H4895 is less temperature sensitive than H4895.
GooseGestapo said:
I wasn't especially impressed with the performance of the 200gr FTX. When the box I have is gone, it is the last I'll use in the .35.
Why? Accuracy, downrange ballistics, or bullet performance on game?
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