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Lever E Powder

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Has anyone been buying Leverevulation at there local gun shop? I've been to most of the places around me and no one has it. A couple of the dealers said it is not available yet, and one said maybe about July. But I see Cabelas and Midway have it listed on there websight, but I will not order with the extra charges for shipping gun powder.
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I haven't found any yet either. I want to try it in my 30-30 Ackley Improved.
Found some LeverEvolution yesterday, had to go a little farther out of my way to find it at Duncans Outdoor Shop in Bay City MI. Thay said they have good connections with there supplier. But they also said they have a problem getting AccurateArms Powder and the AA1680 I'm looking for, and all of Michigan is having a problem getting AccurateArms Powder. I would like to try the LE powder soon, but I'll be busy starting tommorow Turkey hunting.
It's not available at any shops in my area, either. I'm not so sure I'll actually try it. I already have good loads worked up with standard powders.
I found some at Bargain Barn in Jasper, GA, but I haven't tried it yet.
I purchased some about a month ago from a dealer who does nothing but Gun Shows in Florida. I have not use it yet. I plan to use it in my 308 Marlin Express in the very near future.
I won't call the place local...well it is in state ;D ;D Place 40 minutes south of me carries it, seems to me they got it in a month or so ago. Mr fixit
This is to Halwg, and just what are you using? Powder, Load, Bullets, ?Just curious, I allways like to find out how and what others are doing.
For the 30-30 I am using H-4895 with 150, 160 and 170 gr bullets. With the 35 Remington I am using A2520 with 180, 200 and 220 gr bullets. IMR-3031 with 150 gr bullets. With the 338 ME I am using A2520 with the 200 gr FTX.
Powder valley had it as early as Janurary. I got a couple of # then (a short drive), and then have been able to buy it locally since early February cause I asked for it.
I found it at Grices in Clearfield, Pa.. The next day I was at a gun show & a dealer had 3 1Lb. cans. My local supplier can't get it yet.
I got mine at a gun show in VA.

T :) NY
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