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Fellow lever action enthusiasts,

The 2005 Lever Action JUBILEE is set for October 29 & 30 in Ridgway, PA.

Bring your Marlins / Winchesters / Savages & numerous rounds of ammunition (jacketed or cast bullets) to Ridgway Rifle Club, located on Grant Road in Ridgway, PA for some lever action silhouette fun!

This is a fuunnn match, first and foremost. The main idea is for lever gun enthusiasts to get together in a relaxed atmosphere to talk about and shoot our favorite lever action rifles.

Bring as many rifles as you want! Some for show too!

chickens - 200m / pigs - 300m / turkeys - 385m / rams - 500m
40 shot match each day - 10 shots at each distance.

You can shoot as many shots at the first steel target until you hit it, then shoot 1 shot ea. at the next 9 targets.

Shooting position: freestyle (sitting, prone, etc.) slings are ok but artificial rests like cross sticks are not permitted.

- Two classes: iron sight / scope
- Use a different rifle at each distance if you want to.
- Entry fee: $5.00 per day - shoot one or both days
- Cartridges may be single loaded

Saturday, October 29
10:00 - Range open for sighting in & practice
1:00 - 1st relay to the firing line.

Sunday, October 30
8:00 - Range open for sighting in & practice
10:00 - 1st relay to the firing line

Side match each day - Tres Banditos team shoot - Fastest time on five targets @ 300 meters

The clubhouse is available Saturday night for an overnight stay. Bring your sleeping bag / cot. The Royal Inn is located within 10 minutes of the range. Phone: 814-773-3153.

The range is located on Grant Road at the west end of town. Take main street west to Grant Road and turn right. The club is located about 2 miles down the road on the left hand side. The entrance to the silhouette range is about 200 yards before the clubhouse.

Spectators welcome!

Hope to see you there!

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