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Leupold rimfire scope on 336

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I am thinking of putting a Vx-1 2-7x28 rimfire scope on my 336. It has the same dimensions as the vx-II 2-7x28 ultralight......minus better glass and click adjustments.....for about $100 less. For 10 bucks, you can order a rimfire scope and change the parallax adjustment from 50 to 100 yards.

I think the profile of this scope would look really nice on a could mount it nice and low. Anyone see any downside with the idea? I am going to use the rifle for treestand deer hunting.

My other ideas are are the vx-1 1-4x20 shotgun scope (I'm not crazy about the heavy duplex reticle and might would like more magnification than 4x) and the Redfield 2-7x33 (really like the scope but the rimfire scope is smaller and lighter).
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I've seen it done but I like a heavier duplex. I think the glass is just as good from handling those exact scopes myself. There is no reason to change the parallax at our ranges either.
The Leupold 2X7 compact is the same deminsions as the Rimfire. I have the 2X7 on one of my Marlins. I like it. You don't have to mess with changing the parallex either.

I think the Leupold rimfires are adjusted to 75 yards. I think.

The rimfire scopes are also designed for a different type of shock than the center fire scopes, but it's a Loopy and their guarantee is lifetime no matter what....
I called Leupold a while back about the rimfire/air rifles scopes being built stronger. It is a myth. All thier scopes are made the same way.

So put that idea to rest. All thier scopes can handle any recoil out thiere.

They told me the same.
I have a 366ss 30-30 with a simmons 22mag insilver 4x 28. works fine and is proportional to rifle. Have put many hundres of rounds through it and it holds zero .
Put it on a .416 Remington Ultra mag, shoot it 100 times, and if it still works, put it on the 336.
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