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Last year I bought a CVA Optima V2 and sighted it in with Hornady XTP 240 grain and sabots over 90 grains of Blackhorn 209 powder. During the season I took a shot at a small buck, not noticing a finger thick cedar a foot or so in front of his shoulder. The bullet apparently mushroomed when it hit the little cedar. The bullet didn't pass all the way through, but plugged a large clump of hair in the wound. There was not blood to speak of for over 20 yards. The plug finally blew out and left a faint blood trail that finally disappeared. My buddy did manage to find him, but I decided I would try a different bullet this fall. Enter the Xtreme Penetrators.

These are 250 grain machined solid brass bullets that are .452 diameter using red crush rib sabots. The tip looks like a phillips screwdriver bit. I set up a 2'x4' piece of 3/4" plywood and stapled a target onto it. The only place I have to sight in is in the national forest, so I moved it out to 50 yards through the woods. There was a large red oak behind it at about 15' away and elevated ground. I was using a Caldwell field pod as a rest.
(No idea why that posted sideways?) After the shot, I looked through binoculars,but couldn't see a bullet hole. I walked up through the woods, looking intently as I got closer. I was thinking, surely I didn't miss the entire piece of plywood. As I got to about 2' away, I saw this -
(Posted sideways again?!) Several feet behind the target I noticed this cedar tree (about 3" thick)...
(Again...) The bullet ended up embedded in the base of the red oak.
I don't think I will have to worry about having 2 holes in a whitetail.
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