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flintforever - I would say it depends on what type bullets you plan on using. I used Lee dies for my 30-30 for many years without an apparent crimp needed. I then started casting and using lead bullets and found I could make a couple of changes to improve my loads. I ordered a decapping rod with expander ball for the 303 British Enfield. It has a larger expander ball which made it easier to seat lead bullets without shaving the bullet sides in the seating process. This ball was too large if you used metal jacket bullets, so keep the original rod and ball for that purpose. The original expander will allow enough tension to keep the jacketed bullets from moving during normal recoil. I solved the problem by buying a set of RCBS Cowboy dies that has a crimp shoulder for use with lead bullets. They also have a larger expander ball. Most metal bullets designed for 30-30 have a knurled ring around them at proper seating depth and by seating to the middle of this ring I have not found a need for a crimp die for thses metal jacketed bullets. Lead, I crimp. Hope this makes sense. Good luck. Shenandoah
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