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Product review of the Hi-Lux LER 2-7x32 Scout Scope by Leatherwood

I've been thinking about the scout scope concept for months now after reading about it on some threads here on the Marlin Owners Forums, but I already had a Simmons 3-9x50 on my 1895G Marlin .45/70, and it seemed to be working well. So I asked myself, "Why change?"

Then came the day when I was sighting in my rifle last October before our states deer season up at my grandfather's old farm (God rest his soul). Normally my uncle, who now owns the old farm is around, but this day he left to go run some errands, and I was there alone for an evening of some shooting fun.

Before I go any further, I'd like to give you some of my background and history owning and shooting guns. I'm a big guy, no wimp by any means. I’m 6 foot 5 inches tall and a bit over 300lbs. Call me fat? I prefer "Big Boned." I'm 44 years old and have been around guns since I was a child. My father owns 60+ guns, grandfather, and many uncles, all also own many more. I was raised on a 300 acre cattle farm, with hundreds of acres of state land adjacent to our own, for hunting use. And, trust me, we used every inch of that state land, lol. For years now I've owned and been shooting, fairly regularly now, a .300 Weatherby Magnum. For those not familiar with the round, google it. By many it's considered a monster. I know, when I shoot it at my gun club, it gets alot of attention. ;D So, let’s just say I'm used to heavy recoils.

Now, back to the day I was sighting in my .45/70 Marlin. After about a half dozen shots, I went to take another shot, and the next thing I remember, I was my seeing stars. Turns out the scope came back and hit me between the eyes on the bridge of the nose, and not only broke my glasses, but the broken metal of the glasses cut me pretty deeply. As I sat back and tried to recover, I noticed my face was full of blood. Since I was out in the middle of nowhere alone, I staggered back to my car with a couple loads of my gear, and drove home with the only paper towel like material, which was a McDonalds napkin, I found in the glove compartment of my car. Thank God I didn't throw it away like I normally do. After healing, and giving this scout scope thing more thought, I decided to finally buy the XS Scout Mount, and the Hi-Lux LER (Long Eye Relief) 2-7x32 scope by Leatherwood. I no longer want my eyes, or face for that matter, close to a scope again while it’s on this gun at least. A scout scope would be just the ticket I wanted now on this gun. And, this Leatherwood is a dandy!

The box it came in below.

Link to the Leatherwood website, on this scope

I bought the scope from Sportsman’s Guide on-line for about $150, but, since then, various other sites have been selling it now for around $120, like Midway.

The scope came via UPS in less than a week. Which was okay, considering the Sportsman’s Guide representative said the scope had to be shipped from Leatherwood directly. I was impressed by the packaging. The box, as you can probably notice from the picture above, was oversized and had several soft foam pads inside to help protect the scope from any damage. Included in the box were instructions, warranty card, (which I might add is a limited lifetime which is very nice!) and a micro fiber lens cleaning cloth.

The scope looked great, the optics are very crisp and clear. Before mounting it on my rifle, I was very pleased with it all.

After mounting it on my rifle, I noticed I wasn't really able to use the Weaver Steel low mount scope rings I wanted to use, due to the fact this scope is variable power vs. most other scout scopes, and has that ring to change powers and the lock ring for the focusing eyepiece. When mounted with the low rings, it would hit the rail, making it difficult to use. So I went with the Medium Millet Rings and am satisfied with the mounting of the scope now after some trial and error trying different rings.

You might notice I had the scope adjustment covers taken off, the scope doesn't come with these exposed. ::)

I promptly went to the range (the first day it wasn't below freezing that is) ;D We were lucky here in Minnesota last week, and actually had a couple days around 50 degrees. Which is very warm here for this time of the year.

Before I left home, I had checked it with the bore sighter and it was almost perfect right from the get go. It took very minor adjusting to get it just so. I took my first shot at the range at 50 yards, and it hit the bullseye just left of center. "AWESOME!" I said to myself. I did a minor adjustment and dead center went my next shot! Took a bunch more shots at 100 yards, and had nice 2-3 inch groupings of pretty much all shots. I was very pleased. I then shot the few other guns I had with me that day, and the Leatherwood adorned Marlin lay in it's case, very pleased with it's results this day.

I shot the gun one more time just the other day, and had the same results. Very accurate. Very clear. No complaints at all. I do have one thing about the scope I would change if I were able to. And that would be the Hi-Lux Fine Duplex Reticle. On any other scope I'd be fine with this, but being as it's a scout scout, made for long eye relief, I'd prefer the reticle to be a little heavier, if you know what I mean. The center cross hairs can be fine as they are, but I'd prefer the outer area of the crosshairs to be a little thicker, to help frame the target better when quick targeting. But all in all this will do just fine. I'm just posting a personal opinion of my own. I'm sure most will be perfectly happy with the crosshairs this scope has.

This is what it looks like looking thru the scope. Hard to see I know, but it's the best I could do with the camera I own.

I'm very pleased with this scope, and I would highly recommend it to anyone currently looking for a good scout scope, with very clear optics rivaling scope of much higher price, without having to pay that high price. If you can take advantage of the deals online you can currently find on this scope for $120, and it’s a steal of a deal. I might just have to go buy another.

Below are a few other pictures taken of my Hi-Lux LER 2-7x32 Leatherwood Scout Scope mounted on my Marlin 1895G .45/70.

A nice look at the adjustment knobs, which I like.

*My thanks to Marlin Owners member Blakk, for submitting this review. Looking forward to an update on this scope setup after hunting season!
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