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Lead SWC GC bullets for M 1894 Micro Groove

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Will a 1894 44 Magnum with micor groove barrel shoot the lead SWC GC flawlessly?

Or will a Marlin levergun tend to jam with SWC at all, nevertheless it has ballard rifling or micro groove rifling?

If the 1894 44 Magnum will take lead bullets, what diameter should be the choice? 428, 429 or 430?
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My marlin 1894 will feed cast 255gr. "Keith" style swc very well. Once and awhile you will run across a 1894 that will need minor tuning to feed SWC cast lead bullets. As for the dia. size, you will find that the best accuracy will be with bullets that have a .430 to .432 dia. You can order cast bullets from Beartooth Bullets and select your dia. size up to a .432 that works best in your rifle.

I would start by purchasing 100 bullets in both .431 and .432 dia. and find out which will give you the best accuracy. Most marlin barrels run slightly oversize and .429 bullets will not give the best accuracy. ::)
If its running properly it shouldn't care much about bullet profile, but some can be finicky, has nothing to do with the rifling though. I'll second Bob Hatfields statement about bullet size.
Go over and look at what RANCH DOG has to offer. I prefer the TLC 432 265 sized to .432 in my Cowboy Rifles...shoots d*** good in assorted VAQUEROS and BLACKHAWKS too. Being too cheap to buy many gas checks at $45/1000, I bought a mould for the NOE lube groove plain base clone over at castboolits web site. I use the RANCH DOGS mostly in the rifles, BUT they remove residual lead from the revolvers..don't know why, but it works for me.

My guns feed most semi-wadcutters pretty just have to experiment with over all length a bit. The various round nose flat points generally feed flawlessly...they were designed for lever guns a long time ago.

Go over to and read Glenn Fryxell's articles on 1894 MARLINS...and the rest of them too! A little time over at castboolits.gunloads would also be well spent.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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