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Any distance will work for laser bore-sighting, if your intent it to sight in for 50-100 yards.
Even if you bore-sight at 1,000 yards, you'll be close enough. (So long as the laser is aligned correctly...)

Laser beams don't arc like bullets.
Neither should your eyesight. (Though, as I get older, it's beginning to feel like it may some day.)

Personally... I don't use lasers, and I usually bore-sight at the longest distance possible. Here, that's not much - maybe 65 yards - due to vegetation and terrain. But at my old house, I used a church steeple about 1/2 mile away. Support/clamp the rifle on the kitchen table, center the steeple in the bore, adjust sights/scope to match, and we were ready for paper. That 'Church Steeple' bore-sight had me on paper at 100 yards every time, with the exception of a crooked bore.*

*Bore drifted what I once calculated to be 13 MoA from barrel center line in the last ~6" at the muzzle, when drilled, before rifling, and I didn't catch it before threading, or during inspection or bore-sighting. Shoots great, now that it's dialed. But there were some "where the #### did the bullet go?!"-moments when initially tested. And that barrel... it was/is a Shilen!
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