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Lake Winnebago Ice Shoves, cause for concern

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Imagine one night you go to sleep knowing the big body of water outside your backyard will cede its frozen grip and let loose, allowing all sorts of flying critters to land, swim, and eat at your enjoyment as you welcome the beginnings of Spring. Now go back to bed and get up to another deary day with rain forecast and highs upper 30s to low 40s, all that open water just did a turnaround in a matter of a few short hours, the ice that was floating around "out there" in now piling up in your back yard. Hear are a few pics I took not long ago of my neighbors backyard area. This stuff was not there at 9:00 am this morning, I noticed it about 12:30 this afternoon and I guarantee it will continue for some time before going away. First two are from my 2nd floor window, #3 inside the Jeep at point blank, 4 zoomed in & 5 as viewed from her driveway, I've included a aerial of the neighbors house, judging from the pics I'd say the ice has done quite the moving job today!! Mr fixit
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That is incredible! Thanks for sharing! I would never have realized anything like that was happening anywhere otherwise - and that is very cool!
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