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I thought people might like to know about a situation last Monday. While getting settled into shooting my new 284 "X" gun, I had the extractor break after 2 rounds at the range. Talk about being bummed out. :( I had my 2nd 308 "X" gun with me, so I tried to use that bolt to extract the case from the 284's chamber. :-\ Not a good idea. Before I knew it, I had 2 broken extractors. :'(

After getting home, I called Marlin for a new part for each gun. The guy in customer service was very nice and took down the serial#s of the 2 guns, and got the replacement parts on order for me. I asked to buy 2 spares along with the 2 warrantied parts and he said no problem at all. ;)

Today I came home and found a padded envelope with my parts in the mailbox. 2 days to get the parts with no questions asked deserves KUDOS to Marlinton. ;D
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