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Kudos to Marlin (remington) customer service

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I few weeks ago, I damaged my "X" gun 308 magazine box and had to order a new one from Remington. Well, they sent it thru in short order, but when I went to fit it, it was too long. :eek:

I finally got a chance to call today and talked to a customer service rep about the situation. She went to check a few things out and said I was indeed sent the wrong one. the one I needed is backordered, but they would send the correct one out ASAP.

While they messed up the order initially, they never asked for my payment method or for the return of the wrong one. I think they deserve credit for doing the right thing and making things correct.
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+1 :) They sent me a new trigger assembly free for my 597, no questions asked.
same experience for me when I called them about problems with the stock on my X gun; no questions asked or payment method request, just a brand new stock on my doorstep within a few days.
Good to hear stuff like this. DP
well that is just good buisiness. maybe they will show that same ethic on the other end of the production lines.
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