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Every year on another forum I frequent, there's a trophy for the biggest set of antlers and a trophy for the biggest predator skull entered for that year, by a forum member. These trophies travel from member to member year after year and are really pretty cool. Last fall it was suggested that I enter my bear in the 2010 predator contest, so I did. Well, here it sits in my man cave, at least temporarily. Another hunter and I tied with the largest bears entered, so in a few months I'll mail the trophy to him for the rest of the year. I was also mailed a real nice set of custom made predator calls, and a hunting cap as well.

Wonder if members of this forum might want to start something similar? It takes a fair bit of work to coordinate. No, I'm not volunteering to run it, but it's a thought. Wonder how much enthusiasm there might be for a similar contest here? Maybe one of you retired guys with nothing but time on your hands?

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