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Just wondering as my Marlin DL which is marked DL does not have a peep sight though the holes are there but not plugged. The stock does not have swivels and the stock also covers up half the screw holes which makes me wonder if this gun was restocked yet it does have the Trigger guard that has that flat triangular piece in front of it and it does have the ramp hooded sight in front though the hood is missing. My Receiver on this gun is grooved for a scope and micro grooved rifling.

As I reported I also just bought a Sears marked Model 42 with the 103- ect model number on it after the model 42 designation. This rifle also is drilled and tapped for a peep sight but no peep sight is there the holes are plugged with plug screws and the barrel is also micro grooved but the sight is a post sight and the barrel is two inches shorter than my 80 DL.

Anyway since the sears gun is tapped for the peep sight too I was wondering if all of the 80 series is tapped for the peep sight even though not all came with it?
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