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just bought 375. were they all walnut?

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Just bought a 336 in 375 win and the metal is really good but the wood is just ok. I want to refinish the stock, it is light in color and scratched on what seems to be marshield. I like dark wood and a dull finish and am not sure if they made any in birch? It is pre safety and gives no prefix to indicate wood. The scratches seem to only be as deep as the finish and no gouges or dents but is not wow wood.

Sorry I blabbed on but is it walnut?

Sorry no pics till next week.
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Hey there COACH -- I couldn't answer your question about wood species without seeing a picture. I can tell you this. It is amazing what is buried under factory stains and finishes. Here is a non-Marlin birch stock with a factory finish getting fit to a receiver. Here is what the wood looked like before I refinished it. Sorry but I don't have an "after" picture of this one. I'd encourage you to strip it down and make it the way you like it. Good luck. Best regards. Wind
Brother Wind's stock is stained Birch wood; Birch wood is a "white" hardwood. Birch wood is cheaper than Walnut, must be stained to have any color, seldom has any figure; but is actually much harder than Walnut. If your M375 stocks are original to the gun, they are a "plain grade" American Black Walnut; and as Walnut, will have a red-brown color. Marlin's Mar-shield finish was crap; it chipped, scratched, and rubbed off very easily. Strip off the remaining finish with acetone, paint-stripper, etc; and sand smooth, being very careful that you do not over sand in the grip area around the tangs and receiver (if you do, metal surfaces will be "proud" above the wood). At that point you can stain the stock as dark as you wish and apply whatever finish you choose. I prefer a marine type epoxy finish; which, when properly applied, makes a stock almost impervious to moisture.
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Hey again COACH -- Let me back the truck up some... You can refinish your present stock and get it "less pale" or "more dark" fairly easily. Here is a Marlin, the blond "before" stocks on the left. Hope this helps. Best regards. Wind
Enjoy the 375, damn fine cartridge. DP
Thanks for the info guys. It has enough figure in the grain to be walnut but it seems lite in color marshield is garbage, very true. I like oil finish. Tongue oil or other varieties I may stain to get darker, or keep applying as needed. Funny you talk about proud metal, I learned that lesson early on at 14 did first stock on spanish double barrel and took the wood down a little far. Still have it to remind me, thank you for tips and reminders.
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