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Jacketed Bullet and Powder reccomendations

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I'm looking to buy some Jacketed bullets for the 45/70 that will A: be inexpensive enough to practice and plink with, and B: be fine for whitetail and hog hunting. I have decided to get started loading with the Lee classic loader, so far I have the following on my 'list' to buy:

Lee classic loader
Lee improved powder measure kit
Lee safety magnetic powder scale
Starline brass
CCI #200 primers
1lb H322 powder (for the cast loads I want to work up)
Beartooth 425gr piledriver Jrs

I know I need some specail 'flair tool' for the cast bullets with the lee loader, can someone link that for me as i'm having trouble finding it.

I also need a powder and bullet reccomendation for the jacketed loads. So far I am thinking 300gr Hornady interlocks or 325gr Hornady gummytips. For powder I am guessing the Hodgdon Hornady LEVERevolution might be good to try. Any suggestions?
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Matt start with jacketed bullets, like the Remy 405s or my favs Speer 400s.

Oh the special tool, you can ONLY get it from Lee, so call them direct.
Mine cost $4 & $5 to ship it. It works with the classic loader well.
If you're not going to be testing maximum charges, you can save some money by just buying a Lee Powder dipper set and using the conversion table to calculate powder charges. I've been using a set for 25 yrs to load practice and hunting load; never got worse than 2.5" groups @100 yds for preferred deer rifle loads.
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