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SkookumJeff said:
... a SMALL amount of JB's on the patch. A little bit goes a long way...
Dittos to that right there. I don't use it for routine or periodic cleaning, nor is it my primary cleaning agent for copper fouling. I still think Bore-Tech Eliminator is the best thing since sliced bread for copper fouling. Where I found the JB Bore Paste to work the best was after a some number of rounds through a cleaned (of course), new barrel. After getting some load testing, sighting in, and casual shooting for the break-in period (or honeymoon period, if you will), a thorough cleaning to remove any fouling (that's were the Eliminator comes in handy), then slip a patch with a judicious amount of JB (just like Skookum said) on a nylon brush and have at it per the directions.

Then swab it out like any other fouling -- Ed's Red does wonders at cutting and removing JB's quickly. And, it does a remarkably good job at helping reduce future fouling, at least in my experiences.
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