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I don't use it for routine cleaning but I do for special circumstances. I originally bought it to help me with a rifle I was having trouble with.

I have a Savage 99 in .308 that I bought used from a pawn shop. I don't think this rifle had ever been cleaned before I bought it. When I first looked at it at the pawn shop, I couldn't see any rifling in the barrel. I told the pawn shop owner that. He rummaged around behind the bench for a minute and finally came up with a cheap aluminum cleaning rod and a bore brush. He ran that brush through the bore putting a cloud of dust in the air and handed the rifle back to me and said 'there ya go'. Sure enough, the bore had rifling LOL. Not having much money in those days, and really needing a rifle for my young son to hunt with, I bought the rifle, took it home and started working on that barrel.

I'll bet I spent 40 hours cleaning the barrel on that rifle and I just couldn't get all the dad gum copper fouling out of it.

A couple of years later I picked up some JB bore paste after reading how benchrest shooters would use it and I tried it on the Savage. Cleaned that barrel up slick as a whistle. Even better it wasn't much work. I was really impressed. It really smoothed that barrel out too. I use the same technique that oldbullet describes. A bore brush with a patch wrapped around it, with a SMALL amount of JB's on the patch. A little bit goes a long way. Like I said, I don't use it for routine cleaning, but if I'm having trouble getting a barrel clean it's my tool of choice.

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