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Any good condition 336 in 30-30 or 35 Rem. My preference is straight stocks and 18.5" barrel for hunting. Standard level handloads in either caliber should bring down all but the biggest hogs. Your dad is probably a good enough shot to put the rounds where they belong so it shouldn't matter. But.....the 30-30 is easier to find and Beartooth makes some really tough bullets in heavier weights that would be my choice for piggies. Even if I had to settle for a pistol grip, which some people prefer, I would chop the barrel down in the neighborhood of 18.5". At that length the mag tube still allows 6 rounds in it. Not sure how much shorter you can go before it drops to 5 rounds.

Then a good receiver mounted peep and a crisp, straight post front sight would finish it off. Maybe a dab of white or orange paint on the post if conditions dictate.

Good luck.
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