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It's all big medicine's fault

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I'm enjoying the challenge of this postal match so much I HAD to buy another Marlin Rifle to enter the 100m scoped event ;D

I picked up the 336 .30-30 last weekend and today was my first chance to try her out at the range.

Marlin 336 in .30-30
fitted with a Leopold VxII 2-7 x40 scope with Butler Creek flip-up covers
and an aftermarket 'Happy' Trigger - very nice. :D

The rifle came with some 170gr Sierra FN handloads which shot nice, just a little low.

5 shot group at 50m just to see what it would do - ignore the .45-70 holes

AND 6 boxes of the Leverevolution ammo - 160gr projectiles
Now I have fallen in love with this ammo - it shoots fantastic - 50m & 100m POA is POI
I now know why y'all love it!
The only down-side is it's amlost $2 (Aust) a shot ($39 a box in my local gunshop) :eek: so I'll be keeping that for hunting, not punching paper.

Can you buy the Leverevolution projectiles for reloading? and does anyone know what powder is used in the factory rounds.
I notice it goes off with a solid THUMP, and it's soooooooooo nice to shoot :D
I would love to try some in my .45-70 if I can find any here (and be able to afford it :( )

Don't you just hate it when you walk out to retrieve your targets from the 100m frames
and find one where you FORGOT to fire the correct number of shots? :-\

SO, if when my wife asks: 'Why have you gone and bought ANOTHER rifle?'

I'm just gunna say...... IT'S ALL BIG MEDICINE'S FAULT
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:D but it's all good.

60+ rounds through the .30-30

30+ rounds through the .45/70 - tried out some 405gr cast bullets infront of 13gr of Trailboss today - very nice.
Only drops about 3 inches at 50m, from where the rifle is sighted in for my hunting loads.

and 30+ rounds through the .44-40 aswell.... yep it was a day for leverguns today.

One good...... some not so good

It all started off soooooo good....... then shot no. 4 ended any chances of mailing this target

So out of the 40 something MO targets that I poked holes in today, I'm only posting you 3 BIG MEDICINE 8)

And I know I'll never do well enough to take the crown off Rowdy (or Fomdiddle) ;) but I'm getting out and shooting more of these targets, trying new loads with my rifles and having a BALL doing it - SO A BIG THANKYOU TO big medicine AND Sidespin for organising this match
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Gunjunkie said:
All minute of venison .. ;D
YEP - a hunter I is... target shooter I isn't ;D

Hoping to get onto some Hog's next weekend - takin the .45/70 to poke some big holes into em.
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