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Is there an actual safety on levers?

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Before anyone asks, yes i am a noob.
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Everybody has/is a NOOB in some way. I am sure there are more informed folks here, but I am old enough to remember when the answer would have been "No". My 336 and 1894 both have crossbolt safeties being that they're recent make pre-Remington( another topic all together)
You will see in adds "pre-64 Winchester 94"
On older models the best safety is an empty chamber. With a live shell in the chamber the hammer on-cocked and your finger off the trigger is your safety...
Pile on everyone...
Newer Marlins have a cross bolt safety button. Older Marlins the half cock position was used as the safety, on any Marlin, not chambering a round until needed is a safety type practice.
First and foremost, the only true safety is right between your shoulders.

That said, for a whole bunch of decades, the standard lever safety was/is the half cock position of the hammer. The idea being, if the hammer is resting on the firing pin with a loaded chamber, a sharp smack to the back of the hammer could cause the gun to fire. The half-cock position is designed to prevent that.

The cross-bolt safety (CBS) came out a quite a few years ago and adds to the half cock.

Ask yourself this, how many safeties are on a revolver? ;)
I have both and prefer the crossbolt safety. Some do not.
I don't mind the cross bolt safety at all, yes it works. I guess there is an visual aesthetic thing about it for some, but you can always leave it on fire if you're so inclined, and it's just like having no safety!
Trepanist said:
Before anyone asks, yes i am a noob.
Are you asking because you want one or you don't want one? If you want one buy a gun made after 1983, if you don't want one buy a gun made before 1983. 1983 was the year of change.
Welcome to Marlin Owner's

I prefer the half-cock safety while hunting.
When I was a kid, my old man made me practice with it UNLOADED of course, until he was satisfied enough that I could comfortably control the hammer, he wouldn't let me take it into the woods loaded until I could prove to him I was ready..

I think the cbs is a great idea to use while loading and unloading to prevent an accidental discharge.
The crossbolt safety in the safe position would block the striker if your thumb was to slip off the hammer while easing it back to the halfcock position.

I don't have a problem with the looks of the cbs on Marlin rifles, it's more subtle than some of the ones Ive seen on winchester 94's.
Those tang safeties, like on the Mossbergs, are an absolute abomination though, IMO. The cross bolt safety is especially nice for young shooters. It gives me a little more comfort when I take my kids out.
erik7181 said:
Yeah, keep your finger off the trigger
+1 the safety is your mind!
I had a fair amount of experience with Marlins and other lever guns, but my first encounter with the crossbolt safety was in 1990 on a new .218 Bee. My first live game shot was on a young ferrel goat at about 90 yds. Aim the crosshairs between the eye and ear, inhale, exhale, squeeze, CLICK. Thought my reload was not good then remembered the safety. Fortunately, the goat was at water and gave me another chance. BBQ that night in camp. I have a .357, also so equipped and I have never (up to now) had a repeat of that experience. I guess the goat deal made an lasting impression. The safety is a definate asset while unloading, but my preference is not to have it. There are multiple ways to eleminate or disable the safety. I just live with mine. Good luck, Jack
tlc361 said:
Newer Marlins have a cross bolt safety button. Older Marlins the half cock position was used as the safety, on any Marlin, not chambering a round until needed is a safety type practice.
This :)
I always turned away from Marlins
with CB safeties until I bought
a couple of cowboy rifles.Just before unloading
I snap on the safety and jack 'em all out.
I kinda wish I had safeties on my 35's and 444.
The only time I use my safty on the ones with one is when I'm unloading, when hunting I use half cock.
I guess it comes from military days, when in the boonies I always have the button safety off, one in the pipe, and hammer on half cock. Some times you just don't have the reaction time to push button and thumb the hammer back.

Better a little paranoid then dead (and it ain't the critters that worry me).
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