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Iron sights

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I finally got to shoot the 450 today and my accuracy sucked. I got new eye glasses this week which are stronger (near sighted). I can see the front beed just fine but my stock rear sight is really blury and have promblems seeing the notch. If I take my glasses off I can still see the sights but can't make out my target (bummer).
So now I have to regroup, I bought the marlin in order to go back to iron sight as most of my hunting is at fairly close range. I have found my high power rifle at close range is affective but the bullets seem to explode rather than mushroom (maybe due to it speed at close range) at 100 plus yards they do what they are suposed to. I figured the 450 traveled much slower and would still mushroom at close range. Now I don't know if a large peep sight would work and don't no anybody who has one for me to try. I really don't want go the expense of change that won't work. I definately don't want a scope but would maybe consider something like a truglo open red dot or something like that.
Has anybody else had this issue and what did you try to correct the problem? Has anyone tried a one of the tubless red dot sights?
Thanks for any and kinds of imput.
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I didn't want a scope on my Guide gun either. I never could shoot well with buckhorn sights. I did some research and wound up putting on a XS Ghostring sight. Not cheap but it works great. If you have a retailer near you that carries it in stock, you may be able to have them mount it on your gun to see if it "fits" you. Good luck.
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