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I just purchased a used 1895 of about 1970's vintage and was somewhat suprised to find it had the same problem that my new GS (New Haven plant) and new GBL (Ilion plant) had. I figured it should be pretty well broken-in by now, but had problems chambering rounds like the other new models did. Once I bent the extractor out some it cycled just fine. Just can't imagine after all these years that the extractor was still that tight. Am hoping to get some rounds through it tomorrow to see how it feels and shoots :D, but am sure I'll feel it more than the newer models with no recoil pad! :-\

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That's great you fixed the problem yourself!!!
Easy enough to do and it didn't cost you a dime!!! ;)

It just needed a little fine tuning!!!

How about sharing a picture or two of them?

Have fun at the range!!! :)
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