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Info for a J.C. Higgins 103.228 22. cal Needed (Marlin model 80)

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I would like some help with a J.C. Higgins 103.228 22. cal Needed (Marlin model 80) I just picked one up a few weeks ago from a gun shop here in town.

I have already asked them and they said they can clean it fro me or show me how to take it apart so I can do it myself. But I would like to do it myself, with a manual. I have a few guns and I can take them down almost all of the way but I will not do it for the 1st time with out the book.

So what I am asking is where can I get a gun manual for the gun I have so I can keep it clean?

Thanks for any help.
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Steve's pages has a wealth of information and PDF files of many firearm owners manuals...

Here is the one for the Malin rimfire bolt actions...

It may be a bit generic and not specific for the Model 80, but the Marlin bolts guns are rather closely related.

That JC Higgings looks like my Marlin 80 DL same sort of trigger guard and stock. Mine is distinctly marked DL yet has no swivels or the peep sight.
Got an old Higgins myself, crazy accurate. You will enjoy that one.
Barenjager Thanks for the site I went thru them and the gun it shows is not the same, but was close enough for me to see what I needed thanks. How do I tell the kind I have ie: 80, 80dl or what ever. The pic from the site had a 2 pieces mag well and trigger housing mine have a 1 piece, and there is no front take down stud and screw on it. again thanks it helped enough for me to get the layout of this one, the good thing it is about the same of the other .22s I have owed in the past.
MY Marlin DL is marked DL but has the same trigger guard as yours with that flat piece on the front and stock yours does. My Sears branded 80 has a different stock but swivels yet it is not a DL and the bolt is a bit different the top of the shank is flattened and the trigger guard is chrome colored and the mag well is a separate piece. From what I have seen the Sears DL ones are marked DL or they just the number and Model mine is a Model 42 but it cross references over to a 80. I think there is more than a few variations of this gun. Like anything I read about the DL's is they are supposed to have a peep sight and swivels yet my DL never had swivels on that stock and the stock is not notched for the installation of the peep sight either. Both are drilled and tapped for the peep sight leading me to believe they all were and the ones with peep sights had the stock notched so the peep would fit and others like mine even though marked DL did not come with the peep and swivels. That is the only way I can see it.
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Sears Model 42

Marlin 80 DL

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