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Well I used up my 1lb of H4895 and found that my 30-30 loves 31 grains with a 150 grain bullet. So in the continuing evolution of my learning curve I wanted to try a different powder, which was IMR 4064.

The weird thing for me was that the 4H895 acted very differently with different load levels as far as accuracy, or at least I thought it did. With the IMR 4064 I did the same thing - made a bunch of different recipes from 29 grams up to 31 in .5 increments. With the IMR 4064 I noticed very little difference other than the slight difference in power, the accuracy was good on all the different levels. I was shooting with iron sights and was pleased with the results at 50 yards with all the different levels of powder.

So my conclusion is the the IMR 4064 is a lot more flexible, or when I was shooting the H4895 loaded bullets the difference in accuracy was based on something I was doing. I guess the only way to really know is go buy some more H4895 and shoot some more.

I guess this post is more of a statement than a question, but is it possible for two powders to act so differently. I am inclined to believe that I must have been doing something differently.

After writing the above I just remembered that I was using mainly Serra pro hunter 150 grain bullets with H4895 and moved to Hornaday 150 grain round nose with both H4895 at 31 grains and all the different levels of IMR4064. Would the different bullets be the more likely reason why the different levels of powder didn't make much difference?

I guess I better go spend some money and answer my own question.

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3,391 Posts well as the bullet change. I used to use the Speer 170grn SP with H322 in my .30-30 loads, I switched to the Winchester Silvertip 170grn under an identical load of H322 and my accuracy doubled. Component-wise, the bullet and the powder are the most influential things pertaining to accuracy (besides the firearm itself.)
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