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I went through quite a period when I "needed" to shoot high velocity magnum rifles because, well because I thought that I did! ;D

After years, decades, of relying heavily on the 7mm Rem mag, and also the .300 Win mag, I came full circle and returned to the .30-06, and the little brother the .25-06, for most of my bolt-action hunting needs. When I look back over the many hunts, there really haven't been any kills I've ever made with a magnum that I couldn't have made just fine with a .30-06 or .308 Win... Even at distance.

That doesn't mean the magnums are bad cartridges. Far from it. But... no, I don't think I'll be beating down the doors at the factory to get them to build a 7mm RM, or .300 Win mag.

BTW - I must confess to hunting a fair bit last fall with a .300 WSM and a .375 H&H, so magnumitis isn't quite gone from my heart... ;D

Regards, Guy
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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