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I think I saw a brand new 308 MXLR today

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I made some rounds today to some local gun shops around here and came across what I think was a new Marlington 308 MXLR. I asked and they said they just got it in yesterday. The serial # was on the left side of the receiver and it had a "MR" prefix, it said North Haven CT on the barrel address and had a JM stamp on the barrel, but it also had 2 other stamps in front of the JM-I can't remember what they were. There was also a strange stamping like a bar code and some numbers on the receiver just under the bolt/rear firing pin of the gun-it was visible when the hammer was cocked back. Overall the gun didn't look too bad, the buttstock fit nicely, but I'm not 100% sure that the gun didn't still have the barrel droop issue. I looked closely and could see that the top of the barrel was about .001" above the receiver and it looked like the gap where the forearm met the receiver was a little wider at the top. I have never looked closely at one with the barrel droop problem, but I looked at my "93'prefix 308 MXLR when I got home and it definitely did not look like the one at the shop. That's a shame, a good friend of mine wants one in a bad way because of how I talk mine up, but I'd hate for him to get a dud. The new monoflex bullets for the 30-30 were at all 3 shops I hit, so hopefully the 308 bullets are not far behind.
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It seem,s as if they r using up the old [JM] barrel,s with the new receiver,s and part,s? So is it more a marlington or a remarington? Hopefully the issue,s will be fixed before they send them out
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