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until a got a case of G.A.S from this forum. First it was the 1895, but that wasn't enough. Now I NEED :vollkommenauf: a Buffalo Gun/BPCR and the C.Sharps 1885 is haunting my dreams! It's going to be a little harderr to sneak that one through the bank account :biggrin:

Keep 'em coming there's still room in the safe, Will
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Hey Will:

Welcome to the Club dude! When we lever gun lovers get bitten by the bug, we start searching, then we find other resources where to buy MORE GUNS! Like FRIENDS :shakehands: then we start asking them where you can get a certain Marlin that you've been looking to buy. You ask him/her for a contact with his/her contacts. Keep an out eye out for me and let me know. And keep it under your hat so I get first nips. :listen:

Then you SCORE ANOTHER MARLIN you've been searching the planet for to put your grubby little hands on. Thanks to your friend. :five:

Guess who's buying the BEERS! :beerglass: A toast to your new find! :beer:

Next we take the new find to the RANGE and put holes in the bulleyes eye all afternoon. :rock:

The only way it can get better than this is when you go on a hunt and SCORE a trophy Buck! Then its meat in the freeze and :eating:

Mission accomplished. :biggrin:


Mike T.
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