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1977 I was 16 years old. The front page of the paper stated the vision of Christ is being seen on a Tabernacle of a small country church in Shamokin Pa! My family of two carloads headed down to see for ourselves. It was a quaint little church. Maybe 40 pews or so. We got there early before the 60 or so thousand people would go there in the coming weeks. Sitting next to my mother with a clear view maybe 5 rows back I looked at her face and she was crying. She told me she could see her mother. Before long I too could see things. No one could see the same as the others. Imagination? Something more? All I know is it was a life changing moment for me. There is something more. I saw a face that resembled Jesus, but who am I to say it was him. I saw a woman in a veil. Her eyes opened and closed and a tear ran down her face. At times I could see the three crosses. Other times many smaller faces. This was no hoax or projection. Was it my imagination? I don't think so. I wasn't staring trying to see Jesus and there he was. It was a grayish white looking vision. There was nothing in my eyes and I wasn't on anything! Everyone watching seeing different things at the same time. I don't think we could all get carried away with our imaginations at once if we tried! Before we left a man snapped a picture with one of those instant polaroids and gave it to my mom. For years I could see the cross on it. It eventuallybecame in bad shape and I don't know what ever came of it. It's something I will never forget. It was first spotted by a 9 year old girl while at church. Read it for yourself.,9171,914962,00.html
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