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I Just Screwed Up My 1955 336

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Can't tell you how heart-broken I am... I hurts just writing this down

Some of you may recall that I picked up a 1955 +/- 336 about a month ago and you gave me great tips on cleaning up the furniture and such

Been spending the last getting this baby dressed up and was ALMOST ready to post before and after pics... was just researching a replacement front sight

Well, I dropped the son of a gun (actually it slipped out of a partially opened bag) and landed on the lower edge of the butt-stock... the recoil pad shattered and there is now a crack from tail to swivel

Any thoughts on how to repair?

I can take a bunch more pictures but I hope those attached give a pretty good idea of what the damage was

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P.M. sent.

Other than repair, another thing you could do is whack off the end and install a recoil pad. Even a stock Marlin recoil pad will be much thicker than the plastic butt plate. Course you're still going to have to get some glue down in that crack at the minimum, but this may get you away from some of the major damage by eliminating the need for it to exist.
You did a great job repairing it. Just apply what you are going to use on the stock to the new wood that is lighter for a few times, let it dry and do it again to get it closer. After that just refinish the stock like you did before and even if that spot is off a little who cares. Some day your son will look at that spot while sitting in the woods and it will make him smile as he thinks about his dad.
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OMG I felt that in my...well you know. Hope you can get a replacement stock as that looks bad to me.
Looks like you are doing an excellent job on the repair. Hope to see further steps and the finished product.

Fastened a piece of Walnut into the squared off chip in the stock. I used Titebond III and wiped up the excess after clamping with moistened paper towel. Let that sit for a day

View attachment 102032

I'm disappointed the replacement piece is so much lighter....
If not, suggestions on what I might be able to do even them out?


The natural wood has a reddish tinge to it. I'd buy a small can of Minwax Gunstock stain. Take about a thimbleful out and cut it with mineral spirits about 9:1. Only a 10% solution as a result. Then tape off the natural wood and use the Q-tip application method. Check your result against a visible portion of the natural stock. You can always increase the concentration of stain in your diluted sample if needed. If you think your close, remove the tape and use a rag and rub to blend in your patch stain. Finally, I do not recommend a pure oil finish such as BLO. Use a varnish type finish such as Formby's Tung oil. Just my $0.02.
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