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You loose nothing by trying the repair. If it works well, you may not even need or want to replace the stock. The Marlin will be all original with just a little added character. Not bad for a 60+ year old rifle. If you really don't like the way it looks after the repair, or you just can't stand the thought that your 60+ year old Marlin has a cracked but repaired stock, you can always replace it later. (I'm thinking of the antique flintlocks with cracks through the wrist and wrapped with wire, or the old Winchesters repaired with shrunken rawhide.)

In the meantime, once you fix it, it will be usable. The repair, if done with epoxy, will be as strong as the original wood, if not stronger through the crack. And there will be no rush to put a non period stock on it because you need it for hunting season, or something. You can take as long as necessary to find just the right stock.

If you do decide to replace the stock, save the old one. If you ever decide to sell it or rehome it, the new owner may want and prefer the original stock.
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