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I Just Screwed Up My 1955 336

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Can't tell you how heart-broken I am... I hurts just writing this down

Some of you may recall that I picked up a 1955 +/- 336 about a month ago and you gave me great tips on cleaning up the furniture and such

Been spending the last getting this baby dressed up and was ALMOST ready to post before and after pics... was just researching a replacement front sight

Well, I dropped the son of a gun (actually it slipped out of a partially opened bag) and landed on the lower edge of the butt-stock... the recoil pad shattered and there is now a crack from tail to swivel

Any thoughts on how to repair?

I can take a bunch more pictures but I hope those attached give a pretty good idea of what the damage was

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Here is the way I did it.
First, wax the stock, then clamp the crack closed, (tight) then drill a 1/8" hole down the center of the crack. Make sure there is no "sawdust" left in the crack! Take the clamp off and insert a small knife blade in the crack. Use a good two part epoxy that mixes as you depress the plunger. Put the small nozzle against the hole, and inject the epoxy into the hole until it comes out the other end of the crack. Clamp the crack closed again, and let set.
Refinish stock.
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