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I had a case of the A.F.I.'s today, so....

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Feeling down in the winter dumps..(If you don't know what AFI stands for PM me..LOL), so I took the 1894 Cowboy with the 24" barrel out, chambered in .357 Magnum and headed to Dog Town here in Western Idaho. I had loaded some 125 Gr, Hornady FP/XTP bullets ahead of 21.0 grains of H110, and a Winchester Magnum Primer. The little flea bitten vermin were running amuck.

My shooting pards were in hysterics when the little buggers were hit and they would soar about 10 feet in the air in various pieces and sizes and crimson vapors would settle upon the mounds of high desert grasses. Most shots were between 25 and 50 yards with open sights, and yes there were a few misses, but not near as many as those that were shooting them little 22 rim fires, with scopes.

I feel better now...But the crappy weather is comin' back again.
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Man I wish we had prarie dogs intead of hogs. :)

I've been dieing to go kill something with my 357 CB. Haven't had time to go to the ranch since deer season ended and the bird dogs are really pissed. Me too by now I have usually had at least 5 or 6 quail hunts.

OH well.

Maybe I cn go to the range Friday and kill paper.
gyrhed said:
Man I wish we had prarie dogs intead of hogs. :)
LOL, man I feel your pain. I'm so sick of looking at hogs, that it drives me crazy. I keep killing them, but they keep coming.
Kid,you & I are nearly in each others backyards, I'm in Fruitland. Went out saturday(during snowstorm) near Parma and killed a few with a buddy.I took my .357 marlin also ;D
Well Hank we need to hook up, I like some of those fields off Sand Hollow Road and West of I-84.

Hi Kid,

I do well on the whistle pig just north of you east of the Emmet road. I haven't been out this year as of yet. I have a couple of 94Cs that put the hurt on the sage rats.
J, That's exactly the area I was in yesterday! ;D
Well, we got neither hogs nor dogs to shoot here in Minnysoda - not enough to brag about, but we do got snow!

Anyway the jist of the matter is that I can't get to the range and there really ain't much to shoot at around here either.


I was in minnysoda last fall, lovely place. What part do you live near?
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