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I recently purchased a heavy digi-cam coat from Huntworth. I haven't worn it below about 38º yet, but will be in the low 30s or upper 20s this coming weekend. So far, it has performed spectacularly. It's great for stand/blind hunting, but it would have to be a lot colder than 40º for me to walk-and-stalk in it. Also, there's a hole in the back for the safety harness.

IDK if they're out of stock on it now, or if it has been discontinued. If you're looking for something really warm and won't break the bank,
at $170 + shipping, it wasn't cheap, but definitely a lot less expensive than Sitka, and far and away the warmest hunting jacket I've ever owned. At 40º or colder, I have always layered t-shirt, long-handles, L/S shirt, heavy water-fowler LL Bean lined, wool sweater, outer covering. I was able to forgo the heavy sweater this time, and I still had to make my walk to my stand with the jacket completely unzipped. It keeps the cold at bay for a 1 or 2 mile quad ride, but after 15 or 20 steps with it zipped, I could tell I was gonna be sweaty, with a half mile walk in the rugged Tunica Hills to my stand.

The only thing I can't report on is sturdiness. It feels sturdy, but we'll see how many seasons I get out of it.

I also bought a heavy balaklava - Men’s Lined Performance Fleece, Balaclava (Disruption®)

Definitely not to be worn while stalking or even walking to your stand, at least not in typical S Louisiana winter weather. But once you sit down, it really keeps your head/face/throat/neck out of the cold and wind. I paid $30 for it. Put the balaklava on first, then zip up your jacket for a great seal at the neck. Visibility is terrific, and the eye slot is large enough you can pull the material below your nose so you don't fog up your glasses. The balaclava is lined, so it does affect hearing, but not too badly.


Late edit: the jacket does have a hood, tried it for a bit, also very warm. I'll probably only use it if we're getting precipitation.
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