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However, these laws have proven largely ineffective in reducing or deterring gun violence. I’m guessing that Emanuel doesn’t realize that criminals don't obey the law.

Chicago's gun violence is intolerable -- Trump should provide help | Fox News
Excellent editorial on Chicago's problems.

Some folks keep saying Trump should "Do SOMETHING" to help but don't realize the federal government has limited choices in such a situation. The state governor could call in the National Guard but are the trained or equipped for such duty?

Until the citizens and voters have had enough and demand changes things won't get better.

And until the media/activists stop vilifying everything the police do things won't start getting better.

We've raised a generation that doesn't respect police or anyone else and accepts violence as normal and we are now living with the results of that.

You hear talk about giving them job opportunities but what good does that do when they don't have a work ethic and won't accept that someone who pays them to do a job has the authority to tell them how to do it, etc.

It's a vicious cycle we have lived through before and maybe it's time we learned from the history we are supposed to have studied.

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The liberals social programs, their efforts at social engineering, their pandering for votes, and the drug trade has created this extreme culture of warped values, and senseless violence.

Honestly, I think that the numbers reached a critical mass in the mid to late 80's and this subculture that worships fast money and violence is beyond the ability of government to correct even if they ever possessed the ability to fix their own mistakes.

Ask any 12 year from the hood and he will tell you that his only way out of the hood is prison or the grave, because all of his peers, and the rappers tell him so. Their mindset along with constant social reinforcement helps their prophecy to become self fulfilling.

The distruction of the family group along with the wholesale rejection of conventional wisdom and morality funded by the welfare programs created this antisocial counter culture that provides the raw material for the endless cycle of fast money, violence, and prison.

The whole time the liberals have been pandering for votes with the message that it's not your fault, and it's not the choices that you made, it's society fault because it has failed to do enough for you! :banghead:

Remeber the liberals call it a "gun violence problem" not a drug problem or a cultural problem because to truth would be self damning.
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