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Hi,everybody, I see a lot of threads asking how do i find out what year my m1,or m2 is there has been some wrong answers.lets start the marlin m1,and m2 were manufactured from 1964 to 1978.from 1964 to 1968 marlin used a two letter stamp in the barrel it is located just in front of the upper forearm stock on the left side of the barrel.from 1969 to 1978 marlin used a serial # on the left side of the receiver NOW this is how to get the year.grab a pen and paper write the alphabet vertically A to L on the left side write the month january to december,on the right side write the dates 1956 to 1968 remember 99m1 and m2 started in 64 So example if your stamp is CK that would be march of 1967 NOW if your m1,or m2 has a serial number,take the first two numbers and subtract from 100.example your first two numbers are 31 100-31= 69 = 1969 this way of finding you year is for all marlin, and glenfield semiautos only.i hope this comes in handy

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This chart is a tad quicker for barrel code.

The first letter of the date code is as follows:

A = Jan.
B = Feb.
C = Mar.
D = Apr.
E = May
F = June
G = July
H = Aug.
I = Sep.
J = Oct.
K = Nov.
L = Dec.

The second letter of the date code is as follows:

F = 1962
G = 1963
H = 1964
I = 1965
J = 1966
K = 1967
L = 1968
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