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How much should 30-30 Brass stretch?

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I was Measuring my once fired Hornady 30-30 brass against the unfired rounds and I got from .012 to .014 where as my 308 MX is only about .005, I was wondering if mabe My 30-30 had a head space problem and they were over stretching? These were new Hornady Leverevolution rounds. the new rounds were .230 and the once fired were .240 to .244. so is that normal? Dennis
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I don't measure the amount mine stretch because I use the lee case length trimmer. All my Hornady brass stretch alot. I have to trim them after every load. I just shot some factory federal and the cases didn't stretch at all. I've noticed this in other calibers too.
It sounds to me as though your chamber is a little big and that the hornady ammo is sized for minimum tolerances. Do you reload? If so, set your dies to size the cases so that they just fit the camber and then check your stretch. I'd be surprised if the cases would stretch much more than .003 if you size the cases to fit your chamber.
The 30-30 shouldn't stretch too much, but marlins have been known for slightly larger chambers than other firearms. Do you have another brand of brass you've fired out of the gun that you could measure?
I do reload and and this is a new to Me gun, the brass I checked was Hornady once fired out of this 30-30. My dies are RCBS and I haven't had a chance to check my reloads yet as of the weather but soon I hope. thanks for the Info. Dennis
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