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How long to roll bullets in lapping compound?

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I've got a day off and decided today would be the day I'd finally get around to lapping my 1895SBL with the Beartooth kit I bought a while ago.

Wondering about how long should roll the bullets in the compound with the plates? The manual says to do it until the bearing surface appears black when wiped off and after 10 minutes I'm not there yet. I dont want to use too much pressure as to undersize these soft bullets.

Maybe someone here has done it with satisfactory results and could shed some light?

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Can't help you with that but I have a question. Does your SBL not shoot accurately. Mine shoots with unbelievable accuracy and I have not seen the need to lap it so I was just wondering why your barrel is off.
Mine shoots GREAT with jacketed bullets. 1 MOA or better with the Speer 400's, but it's been pretty bad with cast. I may just be pushing the cast bullets too fast but I haven't had any lead build up, so I figured I'd give this a shot. The rifling is pretty rough, so if nothing else I'll maybe gain a little velocity by lapping, and that's not a bad thing.
Got it figured out, a little more pressure was all it needed. It made a terrinle mess, but i kept it pretty well contained. Loaded them up in once fired unsized cases with 4 grains of Unique with toilet paper as filler. Worked great!

Shot them into the ground in my backyard with the muzzle shoved into an old pillow. I live in the suburbs with close, nosey neighbors and my wife couldn't even hear it in the kitchen which is 20 feet from where i was shooting. Good deal.

I slugged the bore before and after, and measuring the before slug gave me .456", or just a hair more, not even half a thousandth. "After" slug measures exactly at .457! The bore is also noticeably smoother.

Maybe the tight bore was conributing to poor cast accuracy, a range trip will tell. i still have 20 rounds of the stuff i loaded before that had grouped about 4 inches at 100 yards, so it'll be a direct comparison.

I'll make a new thread in a few weeks to post results, I leave for Spain tomorrow for vacation.
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