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Dang. Just got home about 0145, pulled nearly 8 hours of OT. Ugh.

Right after a 12 hour shift with only an 8 hour turn-around. I'm sorta tired. Been there before though. Need some sleep, just unwinding a little here at MO first.

2/17: 1200 - midnight

2/28: 0800 - 0145

And I work again on Saturday morning. Well heck, it beats not having a job. Normally I work four ten-hour shifts. It's been a little wild lately. Bad guys are going to jail though. That's a good thing.


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Man I wish I could get overtime. I'm with you about things getting crazy, spring has sprung and the idiots are out. Two weeks ago I had 21 hours over and all I got was comp time. Extra cash would be handy. Stay safe.
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