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HORNADY vs hornady vs frontier brass

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I just loaded 20 --160 ftx/rem primer/35 grains LVR powder in hornady brass. I always noticed that the primers pressed in harder in the hornady brass but tonight some went easy so I got to looking and the ones with smaller lettering on the head were easier than the ones with bolder lettering. Now I am wondering if anything else about the brass is different that will affect accuracy Does anyone know if they purposely changed anything over the last few years?, all of the hornady brass I have should be since the pointy tips came out . Some were also in frontier brass? I want to order a digital scale as my lee balance measure doesn't go high enough but since I just ordered a nutmeg thumbhole model 60 stock I better not try that for at least a month or two. Sidenote--- tonight my wife said she needs some new clothes, I said I needed another 30-30, I think I may de able to work a deal here, she even admitted that the rifle would outlast the clothes and would never really lose much if any $value. ;D
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Brass may come from different suppliers or plants or even machines. There are variances in all of it, it seems. Brass that may last many firings in your rifle, may only last 4 or 5 firings in my rifle... much of it depends on your reloading techinque, the load and the chamber it's fired in. Even the action of the weapon (i.e. semi-auto vs bolt.)

Load 'er up and shoot them... and just watch for signs of case failure as you go.
Yes, I noticed that the Hornady brass I have weighs more than rem. or win. brass I have on hand. The difference is around 8 to 10 grains. So you might find that you are reaching a max load sooner with the hornady brass. My brass was once factory loaded stuff and is quit heavy. Good luck with your loads.
Since Hornady and Frontier are essentially the same brand, the difference is most likely a variation in the alloy used. Changes in the headstamp might signify another type of change, and they might not. The loads fired in the brass prior to seating primers also has an effect on how easily they reprime. Hotter loads loosen things up a lot faster. I wouldn't worry about it.
I noticed the same thing so I decided to measure the primer pockets. Hornady pockets measured approx .208", whereas all others were closer to .210". Probably wouldn't be as noticeable if I primed with my press, but I use a Hornady hand priming tool and some are so tight that it really makes me nervous at times. I always make sure that the case mouth is aiming away from me when I squeeze the handle.
I prime on the press and I can tell a big difference, you barely feel the primers pressing into the federal brass and with the Hornady I turn my head and cringe as I push the lever, I even think it flattens the primers a little. I was thinking of trying different primers to see if they were any smaller/bigger
I noticed that the primers are a little harder to seat with Hornady brass in the 44-40 as well.
Re: HORNADY vs Hornady vs frontier brass

I bought a HDY. #8 manual and for 30 30 case in their list they have "Hornady/Frontier" I didn't know why but now I do. Both cases use for the same list of powders and charge.

The older Frontier brass was made by Federal for Hornady which is why your cases are heavier.

I've noticed the weight difference in both 30-30 and 308 brass, I also found the frontier stamped brass weighs the same as winchester brass so I batch in with the winny brass.
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